Castle Hill Tax for Mature Age Clients

Every year the tax laws change, especially this year for people who are nearing or have

passed the age of 60. Potential tax benefits may be available for you.

Castle Hill Tax Accountants have introduced a Tax Check Up For Over 60’s service to assist

‘mature aged’ clients understand the new tax changes, ensuring all available tax benefits

are received or transferred to your partner where applicable.

It is important that all income, deductions rebates and tax offsets are identified; making

sure tax benefits are correctly claimed for you (or your partner). We will also determine

any income that needs to be disclosed to any Government Department or your financial

advisor, ensuring all available financial support and/or tax benefits can be obtained –

including any salary sacrifice tax benefits that may apply.

Where the lodgement of an individual taxation return is required, our usual competitive

fees will apply. Should the lodgement of a tax return not be necessary or if only a

franking credit claim form is lodged, a reduced fee of $69.00 will apply. We will conduct a

complete interview and lodge all appropriate forms with the Tax Office for you. In addition

you will be provided with our usual Castle Hill Tax Accountants guarantee and year round


Within the mature aged community there appears to be a great deal of uncertainty that may

result in potential loss of available benefits. This new service has been introduced to

meet the needs especially applicable to people in your age group.

Ask yourself these questions

* Do you know how the superannuation rule changes have impacted on your situation?
* Do you know if you need to lodge a full tax return this year?
Castle Hill Tax Accountants can assist you with our Tax Check Up for Over 60’s, Cal now for

an appointment at a time convenient for you.

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